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Membership Plans

Choose your Membership Plan

  • Inspired Membership

    Free Plan
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Grant Consultant Availability
  • Emerging Membership

    Every month
    • All the resources from the Inspired Membership
    • Monthly Grant, Contract, & Procurement Opportunities
    • List of Funding Opportunities
    • Monthly Fundraising Strategies & Ideas
    • Free Fundraising Guide
  • Growing Membership

    Every month
    • All resources from the Emerging Membership
    • List of Private, Public, & Funders
    • Discount on Training & Consulting
  • Best Value

    Sustaining Member

    Every month
    • All the resources from the Growing Membership
    • Grant Declination Review
    • Detailed Report Personalized to Mission & Funding Goals
    • 2-HR Consult on Fundraising Strategy, Goals & Objectives
    • Proposal Review & Feedback
    • Annual Audit of Fundraising Program
    • Fiscal Sponsorship Opportunities

At Grant University, we provide the resources for all your grant seeking needs, from finding opportunities to submitting a winning proposal.


Membership is an investment that will help you secure funding every year, so that your top priority can be to fulfill your mission and change the world for the better.

Person Looking At Board

Grant University exists to be a resource for small, grassroots, and emerging nonprofits and fundraising officers in the developmental stage of their business. Our team of professional grant writers and nonprofit and business consultants possess decades of experience and successful careers in nonprofit, government, and for profit sectors. We recognize that for startup organizations of all types, need for cost effective and mindful training is critical to position your organization as a competitive option for generous donors, corporate and private funders, and key capacity-building and resource partners.

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